About Johnny D.

John believes in an idea that education can change the world…

The message simple wealth, simple success and simple life, was born from the idea that wealth has nothing to do with money. It is virtually a state of mind. What you think about, transitions into the physical. John’s book, The Alchemy of Wealth explains this phenomenon the best.

We have found from our inception that entrepreneurs come across three hurdles. Lack of knowledge, lack of money and lack of confidence. John delivers knowledge in his books in such a way that the lack of knowledge, money and confidence diminishes the deeper you get in the series of books.

John has been a sought after speaker regarding the topic of entrepreneurialism around the world. From his first talk in Phoenix, Arizona in 2002, John has cultivated several success stories with his audiences. John has had the opportunity to work with everyone from factory workers, doctors to professional athletes (and everyone in between!).

Why Should You Listen to John Dessauer? (In His Words…)

I have bought foreclosures, short sales and single family houses, by the dozens. I have done fix and flips, and bought properties directly from banks and other financial institutions. I have bought multi-family units by the hundreds. I have bought office buildings, a retail center, designed and created a successful restaurant, and have done several design and construction projects in the residential market.

I have negotiated with some of the richest men on the planet. My largest real estate deal was $14,000,000 and my smallest deal was $9,000. I once bought a deal for $3,150,000 and in 18 months turned it into $5,600,000. (I have done several deals like that). I have have had a line of credit approved over the phone for $1,700,000 in 45 minutes(and started to use the money the next day)! I have also had Donald Trump state in the New York Post that I was a real estate expert that you must meet! I have developed innovative investing techniques and systems that have perplexed the most savvy investors, leaving them saying “why didn’t I think of that?”

With my environmental company that I started, and later sold, I created $15,000,000 in gross revenues within the first year and a half(from scratch). Most of that coming in a $12,000,000 dollar deal that I did that year with a fortune 500 company when I was working by myself in boxer shorts above my garage. My competitors? Two other fortune 500 companies. I won because I out thought them. Period.

I have personally coached and consulted everyone from factory workers, to doctors to professional athletes. I have made over a million dollars in 4 different companies. I have also written four books, hosted a National Radio show on Sirius XM, and have spoken in front of hundreds of thousands of people. My audiences have mostly been made up of people looking to learn from my experience. It is that experience that is your best teacher. But it’s not my successes, but my failures that you should consider why you should listen to me. I have become skilled at failing.

I have had to shut down companies. I have had to renegotiate with banks. I have had real estate foreclosed on. I have made mistakes in developing businesses. I have chosen bad business partners. I have let people down.  I have sued and been sued. I have been ripped off by the hundreds of thousand of dollars. I have trusted in people that have had alternative motives. I have wasted money, a lot of money! I have spent money that I did not have. I let other people open my mail. I have made terrible decisions. I bought projects only to fail a short time later. I couldn’t pay people. People have not paid me. It is all of these failures that not only propel me to succeed, but make me a true champion!

I am qualified to work with you because I have walked through the battlefield and survived! I have studied and worked and read and dreamt and hustled. I am here, and not going away! I am ready, willing and able to help you go where ever you want to take your career during this crazy thing we call life! Through all of the success and failures, I have realized this:

“Wealth has nothing to do with money, success has everything to do with failure, and life is as simple as you make it!”

We have some great challenges coming our way as a country, as people and as individuals. We can control our destiny by the actions we take! I first want to identify our mistakes and challenges, and then provide solutions. Enjoy!

– Johnny D.

More About Heather and John Dessauer…

In addition to running The Dessauer Group, John and Heather Dessauer are serial investors of their own, and have investments including apartments, single-family homes, office buildings, and raw land. They also have a Property Management/Brokerage firm that assists owner-occupants and investors in the real estate arena. The firm Anton Agency/Anton Asset Management, operates in Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina and Florida.

John and Heather live right outside of Chicago on a 900 acre lake when they are not spending time at their second home in Key West, Florida. Water living is a must for them with their intense work schedules. John has a Bachelor Degree in Biology and Business Administration from St. Ambrose University. Heather has a Bachelors Degree in General Studies/Psychology from Indiana University where she graduated with honors.

"Why real estate investing? This book will not only tell you your why, but it will give you a great start to success as a beginning real estate investor and entrepreneur." 

“A Review of Wallace Wattle’s 1910 Classic – The Science of Getting Rich! Your mindset about building wealth may be your best tool to achieve your dreams… This book is not only a game changer for changing your mindset! "

Most, if not all individuals, business’ and even countries crash and burn. But, not all re-build. This book explains what happens when you crash and burn(in business and life) and how to recover from it."

“Information so valuable, it should be kept a secret!” There’s a lot of people making money in apartments today. Why shouldn’t you be one of them? This book will show you how to buy apartments creatively and run them to build your empire."

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