Your online customers have many alternatives when it comes to spending their hard earned money. If you want to retain your customers and ensure positive online reviews for your business, you must strive to give excellent customer service during every interaction.

Offer Several Site Navigation Options

Not everyone will navigate your site in the same way. In addition to your top header navigation menu, provide navigation links in your footer. Consider enabling breadcrumbs on your site so visitors can more easily keep track of which page they’re currently on.

Write Full and Expressive Product Descriptions

Don’t force your site visitors to go elsewhere to find out more information about a product you sell. Be sure all your product descriptions cover the basics like size, color, materials; but also write product descriptions that really communicate what the product does, what it feels like, looks like, and how it might integrate with other products your customers might already own.

Avoid Popups

Popups are slowly being phased out, as online business owners finally realize how annoying they are to site visitors. Instead of blocking your pages and suddenly interrupting your site visitors’ interaction with your page, prominently place your message in a sidebar. If your visitor wants to sign up for your email newsletter, they’ll look in the sidebar for a place to enter their email address.

Offer a Chat Option

Be sure to offer a chat option to visitors who might not want to call your business support line. The chat box should be displayed someplace where visitors can see it, but not in a place where it blocks texts or images on your pages.

Keep Terms and Policies Simple

Skip the legalese and keep all your site terms easily understandable and readable for the average person. Be extra careful with your shipping and refunds policies. Make sure that they cover everything you need them to, but keep them worded simply, too. Prospective buyers should be able to quickly find out what their shipping and refund options are without having to get clarification from your support team.

Be Generous About Returns and Refunds

Don’t be stingy with refunds. If your customer isn’t satisfied with their purchase, offer a 30-day refund policy at the minimum. Whatever money you might lose on the refund will be offset by the positive impression you make on your customer, plus anyone with who they share their experience. For returns, offer to pay for return shipping if possible. The easier you make returns for your customer, the more highly they will think of your company.

Have a Real Person Answer the Phone

If possible, avoid automated AI services answer your support line. A real person can make a positive impact and help to retain your customer. A computer voice will never be able to do that.

These tips will help to ensure that you give excellent customer service to all your online guests. When in doubt, do what you would want another company to do for you!


“Remember, wealth has nothing to do with money, success has everything to do with failure and life is as simple as you make it!” – John Dessauer

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