Call it instinct, gut feeling or a hunch; if you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner, intuition can make all the difference in your success. Many decisions have to be made quickly and in the moment. With a strong connection to your intuition, you’re much more likely to make the best decisions for your business success and financial future.

The following are seven key ways to enhance your intuition in business:

1. Start Listening

Strengthening your intuition begins by honoring it, and the best way to do that is by taking time to listen. Get a sense for how your intuition presents information to you; you might see pictures or scenes playing out in your mind’s eye, or hear encouraging words. Intuition might present itself as a feeling, either internal or physical. Get to know your own personal style of receiving valuable information from beyond conscious thought.

2. Meditate

A meditation practice can help make it easier to listen and tune in to your intuition. While you might think you’re too busy to meditate, a little can go a long way. Take 5 to 10 minutes (or more) each day to quiet your mind of your everyday thoughts and concerns. Quieting the chatter of your mind clears the way for deeper wisdom to emerge.

3. Ask Focused Questions

You don’t have to talk to your intuition out loud (unless you want to!) but take time to regularly formulate and ask focused questions about your business. When you ask quality questions, you’ll start to get insightful answers.

4. Keep a Journal

Intuition can be fluid and fleeting at times, so it helps to write down the gems that it brings you. Use a designated notebook to jot down the thoughts and impressions your intuition brings to you over time. This will allow you to remember and retain your intuitive thoughts and take positive action. Taking the time to write down what you receive is another way of respecting your intuition and drawing from it, and it will likely respond with even more valuable insights.

5. Mind Map

Mind mapping is the process of creating a matrix of thoughts and ideas to help them become real in the world. For example, you might start with the concept “Business Expansion” in the hub (center) of the mind map, then let your intuition guide you outward into the specifics of how you can expand your business. Include sketches, lines, shapes and other visual elements to help give your mind map substance and bring new ideas to life. Your intuition loves activities like these.

6. Act!

Another important way to honor and increase your intuition is by taking inspired, specific action based on its guidance. Even if the action is just doing an Internet search or making a few phone calls, following up with the information your intuition presents can strengthen its presence in your life.

Some entrepreneurs may feel worrying about intuition is a waste of time; however, it can be one of your most valuable business assets. Use these six tips to tap into your intuition and benefit from its wealth of insights.

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