Formulas for success are as varied as the entrepreneurs who achieve greatness. However, there are some elements that are common to a majority of those who succeed in an ongoing way. The following are seven ways the most successful business owners and entrepreneurs begin their day:


1. They’re Not Just On Time; They’re Early

Whether it’s for a scheduled meeting or starting the work day, successful entrepreneurs tend to always be ahead of the curve. They are awake hours before their first scheduled commitment so that they can arrive in a relaxed and prepared frame of mind.

2. They Exercise

Regular exercise and positive lifestyle decisions support the ongoing success of the best entrepreneurs. Many fit their exercise session in before the day begins, although some prefer to exercise after work to help process the day and unwind.

3. They Eat Breakfast

While some busy people can fuel themselves just with coffee for substantial periods of the day, most successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of making time for breakfast. They favor brain-boosting foods that help them to stay focused until lunch time. Eggs or another protein source, fresh fruit and whole grains are the healthiest options.

4. They Make Family a Priority

Checking in with loved ones before starting the day has an anchoring and inspiring effect on the most successful entrepreneurs. They are reminded who they are working for and why they keep striving so hard for higher and higher levels of success. Having breakfast together is a great way to accomplish this.

5. They Revisit Their Goals

The most successful entrepreneurs not only set goals; they check in with their goals list regularly to ensure they are on track – every morning at a minimum. They tend to write out their goals along with action steps so that they know where they’re headed and how to get there. Revisiting your goals every morning ensures energy is always being sent in positive and productive directions.

6. They Are Network-Minded

The most successful entrepreneurs also keep an eye toward their business relationships and how to improve them. Whether it’s networking with current contacts or planning to connect with new ones, relationships matter, and each day is begun in the context of who they will speak with, what will be discussed and how a mutually-beneficial relationship can be strengthened.

7. They Have a Spiritual or Creative Outlet

While the most successful entrepreneurs are highly focused on their businesses and favored industries each day, they also find balance in their lives. This might be achieved through playing an instrument or devoting time to a daily meditation or yoga practice. This outlet fuels their creativity so that they can be even more innovative in their business pursuits.

The routines we establish in the morning set the tone for the entire day, affecting focus and productivity. Are you satisfied with your morning routine and its results? Consider these seven habits of the most successful entrepreneurs and how you might draw from them to fuel your own success.

“Remember, wealth has nothing to do with money, success has everything to do with failure and life is as simple as you make it!” – John Dessauer

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