Creativity is an essential element of entrepreneurship, although it can take many forms. While technology and left-brained pursuits often take center stage, there is also the need for the arts to bring balance and beauty. In an increasingly digitized world, here are five business ideas for painters and visual artists to consider:



1. Mural Painter

Photography, digital art and graphic design have in some ways taken the place of the fine art painter. However, there are some roles that are difficult to replace, and fine art mural painting is one of them. Mural painters add life to interior and exterior spaces through custom painted scenes for homes and businesses. Creating a strong portfolio of photography of your work and encouraging word of mouth among clients is the formula for success.

2. Digitally Printed Art

Some of the most successful fine art painters today have expanded from selling originals in galleries to offering reproductions in varying forms. Printed posters, giclees, tapestries, fabric items and even T-shirts and coffee mugs are just a few examples of the formats digitally printed artwork can take. These items can be offered online and promoted at art fairs. This business idea will require obtaining a scan of each original work for a high quality print result.

3. Photography Backdrop Painter

While the photography industry has entered the digital age just like most other industries, some photographers still prefer the vintage look of a hand-painted backdrop. If you enjoy creating compelling color blends and vignettes on a large scale, this could be an excellent business idea for you. You can market your work both online and at industry trade shows.

4. Interior Design and Faux Finishes

Fine art painters might also consider offering faux finish painting and interior design services to residential and business clients. Faux finishes enhance the surfaces, textures and visual effects in a space. This business idea could include standard interior painting services with color consultation services to help clients create an optimal atmosphere for their home or business.

5. Tattoo Artist

Interest in tattoos and body art seems to be higher than ever. This artists’ role is highly specialized. In addition to excellent artistic ability and technical skills, there must be a high comfort level in working up close and personal with people during a sometimes uncomfortable process. Another possible business idea is designing custom tattoo ideas for existing tattoo shops.

5. Graphic Design and/or Web Design

While pure fine art jobs and business ideas are fewer now than in the past, there are still many ways for artists to earn a living using their talents. Learning the relevant computer skills and software can allow visual artists to succeed as graphic designers and website designers, which are now in high demand.

The development of photography and computers has changed the role of the artist in nearly all genres. It can feel challenging to earn a living from your passion, but there are opportunities for those willing to work hard and develop the necessary skills. Visual artists can consider these five business ideas as they forge their own unique path to success.

“Remember, wealth has nothing to do with money, success has everything to do with failure, and life is as simple as you make it!” – John Dessauer

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