For many entrepreneurs, work is like play, and it is as natural as breathing. There’s nothing else they’d rather be doing. Creating and running businesses is a calling and a passion – and this attitude is both foundational and essential to their success.
However, being mindful of a work-life balance is also important to sustaining a successful career. Without it, burnout is almost inevitable. The following are five keys entrepreneurs can use to cultivate harmony and balance between business pursuits and a satisfying personal life:

1. Schedule It

You schedule everything else; you should also schedule personal time for yourself each week. Taking time away from work is a vital key to long-term business success. Whether it’s to spend time with family and friends, commune with nature, take a vacation or create the space for personal relaxation, be sure to build out time in your busy schedule for a personal life.

2. Exercise and Sensible Eating

Take the time to cultivate and maintain a healthy lifestyle as well. Regular exercise brings a myriad of benefits to the body, mind and spirit. You’ll be more energized, sleep better and be less prone to the effects of stress. You’ll also be healthier physically in just about every area – and of course, health is essential to your success as an entrepreneur. Strive to eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit and lean protein every day. Stay hydrated and cut back on caffeine and alcohol.

3. Remember What You’re Working For

Who or what are you working for? What drives you? Is it to bring your family and loved ones greater security for their future? Is it to serve an under served segment of the population? Is it to make the world a better place? Take time to connect with what motivates you (besides money) to do what you are doing.

4. Remember That You Are Not Your Work

As much as you love what you do, don’t fall down the slippery slope of completely identifying with any of your companies or projects. Not every business will be a home run, but don’t let that detract from your personal identity or seeing yourself as someone who wins. As long as you are still striving, you have not lost. However, win or lose, don’t fall into the trap of completely identifying with your businesses or your role as entrepreneur.

5. Take Technology Breaks

In addition to scheduling time with loved ones and friends, make it a practice to unplug from technology during your down time. We all need face to face interaction and the human touch, and forgoing technology on a regular basis will help to balance out the increasing amounts of time we are spending in front of device screens.

The most successful and happy entrepreneurs strike an ideal balance between an energized work life and time for relaxation with family and friends. Use these five tips to help with finding your own ideal work-life balance and continuing it for a lifetime.

“Remember, wealth has nothing to do with money, success has everything to do with failure and life is as simple as you make it!” – John Dessauer


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