Struggling through a list of seemnow_hiringingly endless tasks everyday can put even the most dedicated entrepreneur on the road to professional burnout. For a super busy entrepreneur, hiring an assistant can represent freedom on many levels. Finding the right employee that handles tasks with efficiency and enthusiasm can be a slow process, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one.

  1. Compatibility Counts

Are you a person that values punctuality, excellent grammar, or great communication skills? Do you value politeness and social refinement in others? Or had you rather hire a computer whiz with great math skills so you can bounce ideas off each other? Whatever you value, these are the qualities you should seek in your new assistant.

Another point of importance concerns what sort of personality you prefer. Do you want to work with a person with a good sense of humor or do you want someone more serious in their demeanor and highly values self discipline? Make a reference list for the interview process. If you want someone to treat you and your customers with respect and courtesy, put that quality on the list and be sure to hire a respectful and courteous person.

A good working relationship depends heavily on basic personal compatibility. You don’t want to hire an assistant you argue with on a daily basis or someone that has trouble understanding your work expectations.

  1. Figure Out Your Exact Needs

It may take some careful thought to determine exactly what tasks you want your new assistant to handle for you. Will the assistant be expected to screen phone calls and greet clients or is the work strictly behind the scenes? Make a task list and review it with each possible job candidate. You want to be as honest as possible about your expectations. If you want someone to take your truck to the car wash, make your morning coffee, and pick up cheese danish, say so in the beginning so the candidate will understand exactly what the job entails.

  1. Ask Lots of Questions

Asking multiple questions will reveal much about a potential candidate’s work ethics and knowledge of your type of business. Be alert to which candidate quickly grasps the concept of the work descriptions and asks intelligent questions in return. Asking questions will reveal the person’s personality type and allow you to get to know the person better as well. This will greatly help you decide which person to hire for the job.


  1. To Train or Not to Train

Asking in-depth technical questions will help you to determine the level of the candidate’s knowledge of your line of business and how much initial training they may or may not need. Decide before interviewing job candidates if you want to take the time to train an assistant in your method of doing business.

  1. Look For Problem Solving Skills

You will want to hire the person with the greatest initiative and problem solving skills. A person that can perform the necessary tasks with minimal supervision and the least possible errors will save you time and money.

As an employer and entrepreneur, you will need a person that can counter your weak points. If you are chronically late for appointments, for example, you need an assistant that can help make sure you are on time. If you are not keen on organization or can’t keep up with paperwork, you need a super organized assistant to take care of the problem.

“Remember, wealth has nothing to do with money, success has everything to do with failure, and life is as simple as you make it!” – John Dessauer