Origanally Posted By John Dessauer On August 19, 2016

thTraffic is the lifeblood of every business website. Therefore, if your site receives little or no traffic, there will be few chances to make a good profit with sales. There are many ways to drive traffic to a website, and different methods will work differently on each site, depending on your niche. Experimentation is the best way to discover the best method to attract traffic to your particular site.

The traffic-driving methods discussed in this article are free or low cost. There are plenty more ways to attract visitors to your website, but these have been proven to work most effectively.

If you have developed your products to sell, such as an e-book or study course, you can offer an affiliate program for other people to sell for you. You will pay commissions to your affiliates, but you also have the potential to make more sales. Not only will this generate more profit, but it will also increase the traffic flow to your site as well. You can advertise on commercial sites such as Clickbank to find affiliates to sell your products.

Posting on forums in your particular niche will display your knowledge to the world and spark people’s interest to seek out your personal website. On a forum, you can answer other people’s questions and build credibility as an expert. Writing interesting comments on other people’s blogs will do the same thing. Establishing a reputation as an expert in your field on other websites will attract attention and traffic to your site.

Social media is another way to draw attention to you and your site. A Facebook Fan Page can be used very effectively to reach thousands of people browsing through and is free to use.

YouTube is another popular option the entrepreneur can use to market their products on the Internet plus drive traffic to their website. On YouTube, you can post entertaining videos for free to showcase your knowledge and products much like a commercial on TV. You can make the video yourself if you are just starting your business on a shoestring or pay to have your video professionally made.

Consistently writing useful and informative articles can create a large following for your website, especially if you provide help for a common problem, such as how to obtain a good credit rating or advice for relationship issues. These articles can be published on several sites at once to generate the most interest and drive traffic to your website. If your article becomes popular with the public, other websites will publish it, and this will drive traffic back to your site. This method works especially well if there is an affiliate link within the article for one or more of your products.

Using SEO or Search Engine Optimization will bring traffic to your site by the use of keywords placed within the content on your site. Some sites use relevant keywords in their domain name as well to help them rank higher in the search engines.

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