moneylaptopOriginally Posted By John Dessauer July 9, 2016

As an entrepreneur or Real Estate investor, monetizing your website should be your top priority if you are thinking about having multiple streams of income. A good mix of monetization methods is a good way to earn passive income. There are several methods to consider.

Use an Opt-In Box

An opt-in box is perhaps the most option you should consider in monetization of your website. When first-time visitors visit your site via a search engine, the vast majority of them will not purchase anything. The main reason for this is no level of trust has been established with these first-timers, so they hesitate to buy from you. However, if you can persuade your visitors to fill out a simple form and leave their name and email address, you will automatically get more chances to build trust and convince them to buy from your website in the future. (You can get a good look at my opt-in box, by going to

Offering a free gift, such as free information or an ebook download, is a great incentive to get your website visitors to give you their email address. Using this method will help you build a database of potential customers. Also, by leaving their email address, it shows the person is actually interested in your products and not just passing through.

Another equally effective option is to ask for phone numbers so you can send out text messages instead of emails.

Affiliate Products

Affiliate links are another great way for an entrepreneur to make money with a website. For the best results, choose affiliate products that closely match the content of your site. For instance, if you have a website that offers advice to game hunters, then you should choose a company that sells rifles or camping equipment as an affiliate link. Or if you offer dating advice for singles, pick a matchmaking affiliate.

When using closely-related affiliate products, the visitors to your website will automatically be interested, and you will make a commission from anything your visitors buy. Some affiliate programs offer commissions as high as 50% for their products. Also, some affiliate products you can sell are recurring each month or quarterly, such as magazine subscriptions, monthly services, or health club memberships. Promoting these types of products will provide continuing passive income for you.

Selling eBooks

eBooks can provide a lot of profit for the entrepreneur because they do not have to be physically printed or shipped. They are a virtual information product you can write and put together quite cheaply, or you can hire someone else to do it for you.

eBooks outsell regular printed books by a huge margin and are a useful tool for the entrepreneur. An ebook can be used as a freebie to entice a customer to buy a more expensive item and can be sold independently. An ebook can also be divided up into smaller books and sold separately or sold as part of a study course you develop.

As an entrepreneur, ebooks can establish your reputation as an authority in your area of knowledge. This can make you seem more legitimate to your customers and build trust with the visitors to your website.

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