Originally Posted By John Dessauer On July 27, 2016 Most successful entrepreneurs consider the phenomena of social media marketing a valuable tool. This type of marketing makes it easier than ever to get the word out about their new business, advertise new products, and find new customers all over the globe.

People like to communicate with family and friends on social media sites, so they are usually heavily populated. Such sites are a lot of fun, and it’s free to join. In addition to those benefits, people have a chance to exchange ideas and share photos with each other. All these factors have made social media very popular and the savvy entrepreneur can use this popularity to their advantage to get people talking about their products and services.


Don’t treat social media marketing like traditional marketing because it doesn’t work the same way. With traditional marketing, the entrepreneurs of the past had the job of presenting their products to the customers by way of TV or radio commercials or ads in magazines. This form of paid advertising also came with a hefty price tag, making it far too expensive for a small business owner to afford.


Now an entrepreneur can create a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter account for their company and publish new information on products and services as often as they wish. Customers can visit these social media pages and leave reviews and recommendations. In response, their friends and family members will read these reviews and write their response, attracting even more attention and customers for the business owner. This form of advertising is quite cheap and can reach a huge worldwide audience.


Social media marketing is excellent for attracting customers, but it doesn’t work quite as well for the actual selling of products. This type of marketing is best when used to draw public attention to a company. After the point of attraction, the customer can be enticed to the company website or blog where the actual sales take place.

In order to succeed in this type of marketing, the entrepreneur needs to develop a substantial web presence to establish an online reputation as an expert in their field. An informative website or blog will help a new business build trust with the public and draw customers. Also, a well-written newsletter will help establish a company’s presence on the Internet. Working in conjunction with social media marketing, this type of approach can be quite successful to create sales.

When dealing with social media, it’s important not to be pushy. This sort of behavior can drive people away rather than attract them. Be proactive and do a lot of networking and initiate interesting discussions, but don’t push for sales. Instead, direct people to a web page or blog where sales can take place. This will boost credibility for the entrepreneur and attract more attention to the company.

Entrepreneurs should not forget to put up a capture page to collect emails for further advertising purposes. Collecting a person’s email address gives the business owner another chance to make them a paying customer.

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