Originally Posted On March 8, 2016 By John Dessauer

keep-calm-and-face-your-fears-1Sometimes real estate investors fail to succeed simply because they fall prey to very common fears. They sit and dream of making that big property deal that will pay off handsomely down the road, but they harbor too much fear in their mind to actually go out and make the deal in the first place. Giving in to the fears that only hold them back, the real estate investor winds up doing absolutely nothing instead, wasting another good financial opportunity.

Real estate investing, just like any other form of investing, can carry a real possibility of financial risk. Sometimes this element of monetary risk is all a would-be property investor will focus upon, instead of the possible financial gains they might realize from a real estate deal. Human fears and an ensuing lack of confidence can play a very large part in determining how much of a financial risk a property investor is willing to take, or if they are willing to take a risk at all.

Some property investments are by their nature riskier than others, but if a real estate investor has done many hours of careful research and a large amount of preparation, the dark fear of failure and financial loss should not rise up and block their path to investment success. The property investor should learn to focus on what they have to gain, instead of what they may possibly lose in the investment. This will help release any mental blocks to success.

Successful investors tend to surround themselves with other successful people and there is a good reason for this. They have learned how important it is to stay away from negative, skeptical people that will pour the cold water of fear over their plans and cause them to doubt their own decision-making skills. Any hard-core pessimist will focus only on the worst case scenario when it comes to taking a calculated risk and will inadvertently pass that fear to you. This will only serve to make you more fearful, as well as too afraid to move forward with your investment strategies.

Unfortunately, some of the skeptical people you may need to avoid can be your family members or close friends. In this case, it would be better just to disregard their unwanted advice and not argue with them on the subject. Try and remain neutral on the subject of your real estate investments as much as possible. You must be allowed the space to learn to believe and trust in yourself and your good judgment if you are to succeed as a property investor.

Of course, a real estate investor should not ignore valid financial risks or a blatantly poor investment. An investor should always thoroughly and diligently investigate each and every real estate opportunity before making any monetary commitment. Just don’t let the idea of taking that financial risk stop you from reaching for more success with your property investments. Be reasonable and don’t take a risk so large that it literally has the potential to ruin you financially.

“Remember, wealth has nothing to do with money, success has everything to do with failure, and life is as simple as you make it!” – John Dessauer