Originally Posted on February 1, 2016 by John Dessauer 

bloggingSuccess as a real estate investor, or an entrepreneur for that matter, depends to a large degree on the level of trust the person can achieve with the public. The higher the level of trust an investor/entrepreneur has with his colleagues and/or clients, the more success he or she will have. Blogging is the ideal platform that allows a potential client to virtually ‘meet’ the real estate investor/entrepreneur and begin this process of building trust.

Blogs can be a very effective way to advertise reasonably and effectively. I get this question a lot of times from my students that are focusing on being a wholesaler and/or flipper…”How do I develop a buyers list?” A regular blog can definitely create a loyal audience that you can turn into buyers! This would be extremely valuable if you were just wholesaling properties.

A well-written blog will showcase the level of professional knowledge and the person or company can establish themselves as experts, which can be a useful asset to their clients, colleagues and associates, while proving their excellent business credibility. Every day people search online for answers to their real estate and business questions and if you can provide the answers, they will want to do business with you.

Offering general and expert advice on evergreen subjects can help buyers and sellers alike solve their real estate and business problems and concerns. Subjects such as how to obtain a low-interest loan, tips to find a trustworthy home inspector, and suggestions for a problem-free move, are examples of posts a real estate investor could write about on their blog.

Also, a real estate investor could provide helpful information about the local neighborhoods, communities, or towns that could be very helpful to prospective long-distance buyers that are searching for a suitable property to purchase. In such situations, long-distance buyers depend heavily on market information to find the right property for their needs and to get the best value for their money. A real estate blog can help direct these clients to you as an investor with properties to sell or wholesale.

A blog can be started quite easily using a platform such as WordPress. WordPress is free and can be used to create an effective blog that can drive traffic to a business website where real estate properties are listed for sale. In this way, a blog can generate leads for an investor. If a potential homeowner reads your real estate blog and likes what you’ve written, there is a very good chance that person will contact you to help address their real estate needs.

Keep your blog topics as interesting as possible, use a friendly tone when writing, and avoid controversial subjects. Try to show your own unique personality in your blog posts so your public will begin to feel comfortable with you. Eventually, your readers will begin to trust your advice and give you good feedback. This will help to build your confidence level.

It’s a good idea to publish your blog posts on a regular schedule. When writing your blog, be sure your posts are free of typos, misspellings, and any grammar or punctuation mistakes before publishing online. Make sure your content is concise, easy to read, and interesting. You want to get your reader’s attention and answer any questions they may have. Show off your knowledge and expertise and win the confidence of your audience to attract future clients. Maintaining your blog in a professional manner will steadily build your client base and your real estate business.

“Remember, Wealth has nothing to do with money, success has everything to do with failure and life is as simple as you make it!” – John Dessauer