Originally posted on November 28, 2012 by John Dessauer

Part of my daily routine is to make sure that I listen to people that not only motivate me, but empower everything I do. These are people like: Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, and Wayne Dyer to name a few. I try to listen to a podcast or program from them daily for at least an hour. I find that it is time well spent as I find a lot of things they say I use on a daily basis.

Anyway, one of the things they seem to always talk about is the Law of Attraction. It is a subject that I am not unfamiliar with myself. In my second book, The Alchemy of Wealth, I talk about that quite a bit. But I have noticed some things lately that I want to make clear to you.

First, you cannot control the world. What people, governments, economies do are none of your concern. Who cares?! You shouldn’t worry about what you can’t control. For example, the economy is messed up. Who cares, I cannot control that. But, I can prepare, and take advantage of what the poor economy brings as far as opportunities. Stop bitching and take action! What you can control are your thoughts and actions. Focus on that, and only that and you will be fine no matter what happens.

Second, negativity is contagious! Remove all aspects of negativity from your life. Negative people, ideas, and talk, spawns more negativity. As one of my favorite books, The Science of Getting Rich says, don’t concern yourself with problems, concern yourselves with solutions. Negative people are lazy, and associating yourselves with them will cause you to be as “diseased” as they are.

Negative people are not hustlers. That is why they take the easy road. Are you hustling or being negative? Hustlers don’t have time to be negative because they are busy achieving and not letting “other” influences affect them. That means that your responsible, nobody else. There is no one else to blame for failures but yourself. I’ve noticed unsuccessful people don’t get how failures, used correctly, are the seeds to success. It’s not what happens to you that’s important.  It’s what you do with what has happened to you.  Remember, you control your own destiny.

Finally, as you start to become successful or achieve success, people will come after you. Prepare yourself for that. Protect and defend against the malicious and ignore and brush off the ignorant. Success and the road to it will attract people that will try to tarnish, harm and ultimately destroy what you are achieving. Focus, and you will find that the best way to get even is to use their acts as fuel to drive yourself to the next level. Success is not a destination, but a progressive lifestyle. Now go out and just kickass!

“Remember, wealth has nothing do with money, success has everything to do with failure, and life is as simple as you make it!”

– John Dessauer